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How to Receive

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Post Office Cash Withdrawal

  • I .

    Cash withdrawal available:

    From April 17, 2023 to October 31, 2023

    (Please use the following website to look up the post office’s business hours and locations,

    post office's business hours and locations

    or download the Mobile Post Office app:

    Android iOS

    Click on “locations” to look up and receive guided directions to the nearest post office. You can also use the online queuing service to reduce wait times.

  • II .

    Required items/information

    • In-person remittance:

      • Those with NHI card, please bring your photo NHI card.
      • Those without NHI card, please bring your national ID card or alien resident certificate.
    • Proxy

      • NHI card of the recipient
      • An original copy of the photo ID of the proxy (including NHI card, national ID card, or alien resident certificate).
  • III .

    Remittance Process

    From a post office counter, the recipient will verify the amount of the cash, and sign and acknowledge that it has been received.

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